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How to Replace the Cutting/Trimming Line of Your Honda VersAttach Trimmer Attachment

There are many potential problems that can arise while using power equipment. These problems tend to range from easily solvable to giving you a frustrating headache.

Inspecting and replacing a trimmer/cutting line tends to be one of the more daunting maintenance tasks in the power equipment world. It is, however, something that every trimmer owner will face at some point.

With some simple knowledge of your equipment and a few basic steps, you’ll be back to trimming sooner than you might’ve thought possible.

As with any power equipment maintenance or inspection, be familiar with the important information found in your owner’s manual relating to safety, warranties, part names, and part locations.

  • Step 1: Turn the engine off by switching the start/stop switch to off (the O side).
  • Step 2: Make sure you’re wearing gloves to protect your hands. Press the retaining pawls inward and remove the head’s cover.
  • Step 3: Remove the spool and check the condition of the cutting line. If the cutting line is almost gone, remove it from the spool and wind the new line. If the line is melted/stuck, remove the entire line and peel off any melted pieces. You can either use a new line or rewind the same line as long as the condition is acceptable.
  • Step 4: Create a bend in the line approximately 4.7 inches away from the middle of the length of the line. Put the bent part of the line into the notch of the intermediate separator on the spool.
  • Step 5: Wind the line around the spool evenly throughout the grooves. It is important for the line to be evenly distributed.
  • Step 6: Hook the ends of both lines into their respective notches on the spool. Leave the ends of the line approximately 4 inches beyond the notch.
  • Step 7: Align the line notches on the spool with the eyelets on the cover so that the spool cover properly fits. Then, remove the lines from their respective notches and pull them through the eyelets on the cover.
  • Step 8: Place the housing over the spool so that the eyelets align with the recesses of the housing.
  • Step 9: Place the pawls of the housing into the window of the cover until it fits firmly in the window.

All done! Hopefully you’ve avoided a headache.

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