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Published on October 15th, 2014 | by Kimberly Myers


How to Buy Leaf Blower Parts Online

Do you need to buy a part for your leaf blower that you can’t find in stores? Or you want the convenience of having the parts shipped right to your door?

Here are the popular ways to search for leaf blower parts online.

Shop by Manufacturer/Brand:

If you know the manufacturer of your leaf blower (Billy Goat, Husqvarna, Red Max, Little Wonder) you can search for replacement parts by selecting the manufacturer/brand, and then the type of parts you need (part categories).

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Shop by Part Category:

Shopping by part category (air filters, tubes, cables) is most helpful if you already know the manufacturer or brand. But it is also useful if you are looking for universal fitting leaf blower parts that are not brand specific.

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Use Parts Lookup Diagrams by Model:

If you know the manufacturer and model number of your leaf blower, you can use part diagrams. These will show you all of the parts in various exploded schematics, so you’ll simply need to select the corresponding parts you need from the schematic and add-to-cart.

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  1. John Benson says:

    I have a Home lite leaf blower UT08542A. I replaced the primer bulb. The old one had two holes inside the bulb. New one only had one, did not know if that made a difference. It will start but has trouble running. When I prime the bulb gas will run out or the carburetor. It seems like a lot. When I get it started and it runs I will tilt it down to start blowing and it will slow down and acts like it will start to stall. It has new fuel line and filter. It says to prime it 7 times but it seems to much fuel runs out of the carburetor. Don’t know if needle or gaskets bad. Could it be a venting problem? Tried fuel cap lose no difference. Maybe some blockage in carburetor? Should I replace the carburetor? Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Thanks

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