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Published on June 19th, 2015 | by Kimberly Myers


How to Start a Chainsaw

Starting a chainsaw is quick and easy, in case you are a chainsaw newbie, or just need a refresher, here is how to start up your chainsaw!

To start a cold engine:

      • Be sure the chain brake is activated
      • On certain models, you will press the decompression control, other models will not have this
      • Activate the choke. If the saw has an air purge/fuel pump, press the bulb a few times until you see some fuel and it enters into the carburetor
      • Place the saw on the ground and put your right FOOT into the rear handle and keep a strong grip on the front handle with you left HAND
      • With your right hand, pull the starter handle
        • Repeat this until the engine fires
      • Push the choke to half-throttle and pull the starter handle until the saw starts
      • Push the throttle enough to get the engine to idle, and then release the chain brake

To start a hot engine:

    • Follow the same instructions as you did for the cold engine, but this time, don’t use the choke! If the engine is proving to be difficult to get started, you will need to try putting the saw into half throttle to get it started up.
    • To get the saw into half throttle, fully activate the choke, and then immediately move it back to the closed position.

Be sure that you are always being safe when you start your chainsaw and be very aware of your surroundings.

Jack’s Safety Tips: Before servicing or repairing any power equipment, disconnect the spark plug and battery cables. Remember to wear appropriate safety glasses and gloves to protect against harmful chemicals and debris. View our Disclaimer.

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