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How Zero Turn Mowers Work

What is a zero turn?

Zero turn mowers are heavy duty and primarily used to mow large areas quickly. This is the mower that pros use to glide around yards at top speeds. Zero turns are named as such because they essentially have a 0° turning radius. They can turn in a complete circle which helps provide an efficient and thorough cut. The speed and turning radius are the two factors that make this mower so popular among commercial lawn care services.


  • Deck
  • Wheels
  • Steering Levers
  • Engine
  • Unpowered wheels

How it works:

  • The engine powers the mower as a whole
  • The drive shaft turns when the levers are pressed
  • The PTO takes power from the engine and distributes it to implemented attachments and systems
  • When the PTO is engaged, the blades turn
  • The operator controls the motion of the zero turn with the steering levers
  • Press both forward to go forward
  • Pull both back to go back
  • Put both in beginning position for neutral
  • Push the left handle forward and pull the right back to turn to the right
  • Push the right handle forward and pull the left back to turn to the left
  • The blades spin beneath the deck and cut the grass.

Maintenance Tips:


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3 Responses to How Zero Turn Mowers Work

  1. terry l buchanan says:

    is the electric clutch bad if it just clicks and won~t turn blades? could it be in the switch?

  2. Jon D. Painter says:

    How can I obtain a shop service manual for my Husqvarna m-zt 52/967177011-01 zero turn mower?

  3. Dutch Holland says:

    when I engaged my PTO on my zero turn the motor stopped after a few seconds and now will not turn over. is there a sensor that may have disconnected or is this a PTO problem

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