Snow Blowers Installing Drift Cutters on Husqvarna Snow Blower

Published on February 3rd, 2015 | by Turner Anderson


Installing Drift Cutters on a Husqvarna Two Stage Snow Blower

Watch our video on how to install a drift cutter on a Husqvarna two stage snow blower.

Drift Cutters cut into high snow and direct it into the auger housing, instead of letting it fall on top of the snow blower. Drift cutters can assist you in clearing snow more efficiently.

Step 1:

Insert each of the bolts, slide on the washers

Step 2:

Thread the slot of drift cutter onto the bolts

Step 3:

Install the second washer and wingnuts

Step 4:

Before completely tightening the wing nuts, slide the drift cutter all the way up, and then tighten the wing nuts.

Jack’s Safety Tips: *Before servicing your snow blower make sure the snow blower is turned off and remove the ignition key to reduce the risk of accidental start-up. View our Disclaimer.

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