Lawn Mowers Lawn Mower Tune-Up Checklist

Published on April 15th, 2015 | by Turner Anderson


Lawn Mower Tune-Up Checklist

Opened the shed or garage – check ✓
Rolled out the mower – check ✓

Stop! Before you start the engine, let’s review some basic tune-up procedures, so your mower will start the season in good health.

*This is a basic lawn mower tune-up checklist with popular procedures. Always refer to your owner’s manual for manufacturer specific tune-up recommendations.

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Jack’s Safety Tips: Before servicing or repairing any power equipment, disconnect the spark plug and battery cables. Remember to wear appropriate safety glasses and gloves to protect against harmful chemicals and debris. View our Disclaimer.

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12 Responses to Lawn Mower Tune-Up Checklist

  1. Pete Morris says:

    just purchased a tecumseh enduro XL/C 13 hp OHV
    no manuals
    starts and runs ok with choke in
    BUT as soon as it is under load, it will only operate with choke out,

    About to strip down air filter clean refit
    Fitted new spark plug drained gasoline from system and filled with new gasoline
    Changed oil.

    What have I missed

    can any one out there help

    • Kristine says:

      Pete– Your carburetor is clogged and or the seals need to be replaced. Your starving for fuel.

    • Gene says:

      It could be the gas, I have this problem with my small push lawn mower. It will absolutely not run on the gas in my town. I live close to the Wisconsin state line so I get my gas there and it runs fine on it. Some of these engines will not run properly on the reformulated mandated gas. This may be your problem, so just try using gas from a different gas station or brand. Hope this solves your problem if nothing else does.

  2. John Smithson says:


    Sounds like there is a problem in the carburetor. If the fuel system was not drained or fuel stabilizer was not addenda the jet inside the carburetor is probably gummed up with contaminants. It will need to be taken apart and cleaned. Remove the fuel bowl first and see what is in it.

  3. David says:

    I have a lawn mower but can remember the name on it any how I need a spark plug and an air filter for it if I send you the model number can order both of those things thru you?

  4. Thelma Josenhans says:

    have a 17 Hr. Murray riding lawn mower , bought the part …..SELENOID
    not sure , how to put it on , any help ,
    can’t get a lawn repair , that doesn’t want to take it , to there shop ,
    never again , , sold parts , off my last mower , had to throw it away.

  5. John V. Doyle says:

    My snapper Lawn Mower was cleaned/drained before storing for the winter…. Weeks ago I changed the Air filter, spark plug, changed the oil, flushed the carburetor, oiled the chock, new gas nothing different from any other season….. Went to start the mower, it turn over, cut out and since then can’t get it to start…… went through all my steps…. everything the same no luck… the lawn to this point I have used the weed-wacker to get by….. Can you suggest anything else ?

    Snapper S-1225.jpq………. Model Briggs/ Straton motor

    • Don says:

      I have twice installed a new spark plug in an engine and found that the new plug was bad. While cranking, hold the spark plug wire next to the block and check for a spark. With the new plug out of the engine and attached to the wire, hold the side electrode against the block, crank the engine and check for spark. Use rubber gloves or insulated pliers while doing these test. Your engine needs only fuel, air, spark and compression to run. The air filter is the easiest to eliminate, the spark is next. Then check for fuel and, if that’s ok, check compression.

  6. Mook says:

    Hi,, i have a 48″ lesco z two zero turn,, im trying to remove the hydraulic punps so that i can reseal them. Seems that the pump and the the pully on top of the pump is separated by a metal bracket. The space is very tight, no room to pry, how can i remove these pumps, or is there a special tool to help pull the pumps out, should i remove the deck? HELP

  7. Kimberlee says:

    Just trying to figire out the best tools for maintaining machines for a 1 acre property.

  8. Edithadamlair says:

    Looking for spark gets to the engine but not to the plug?

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