Leaf Blowers Leaf Blower Safety

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Leaf Blower Safety

Is your yard a sea of leaves and dirt? Can you not see your grass at all anymore?

It sounds like it’s time to grab your leaf blower and do some clearing before this problem gets even more out of hand.

But did you know that a leaf blower can move dirt and debris up to 200 mph? That is some serious force that could send dangerous debris flying everywhere.

So before you step foot outside to do some leaf removal, here are some leaf blower safety tips to consider first.

Don’t Blow in the Rain

You don’t want to operate your leaf blower if it is raining outside or if the ground is wet. Wet ground is slippery which could cause you to slip, slide and fall. Also, wet leaves and dirt are heavier when they are wet, producing more work for you, for your leaf blower, and increasing the risk of injury if anyone would enter your work area.

Before Use

Prepare your leaf blower by checking the equipment to make sure everything is working properly. Daily maintenance routines should help keep your equipment up to date, check out our article for some Leaf Blower Maintenance Tips. If anything is damaged, worn or loose replace it or tighten it before use.

Make sure the area you are going to be working in is free of people, pets, and children. It is recommended that bystanders should be at least 50 feet away from where you are operating your leaf blower at all times. Never point the blower at people or animals. Dust, dirt and debris can fly into their eyes.

Be Protected

Leaf Blowing Safety
Always wear Protective Clothing when operating your Leaf Blower.

Wear the following protective gear to shield your body and eyes from flying dirt and debris:

  • Long pants
  • Protective eye goggles/glasses
  • Gloves
  • Hearing protection

Time to Get Started

After you have prepared your equipment, are wearing the appropriate protective clothing, and have made sure no one is in your working area, it’s time to get started! While you are operating the leaf blower there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you are approached, turn the leaf blower off immediately as to not cause injury to bystanders.
  • Remember to never point the leaf blower at people or animals, as this could cause serious injury.
  • Never use your leaf blower indoors.
  • Keep air intake clear of dirt and debris while the leaf blower is off.
  • Do not leave leaf blower running unattended.
  • Whenever possible use leaf blowers on flat, dry areas .
  • Always move toward your work to reduce dirt and debris flying in your direction.
  • Operating while standing on a ladder, rooftop, or other unstable surface can cause you to trip and fall.

*Leaf Blower Laws

Become familiar with your areas laws and ordinances. Some areas have bans or limited hours of use on leaf blowers due to their overwhelming noise. Also, be courteous to your neighbors and if possible, use the leaf blower on the lowest setting to avoid hearing damage.

Before Storage

When you are finished, wipe off your leaf blower and let the engine cool. Check for any dirt and debris in the air intake. Operating a leaf blower can be an easy task that requires little effort and taking the proper safety measures saves you the hassle of dealing with an injury.

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