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Published on December 2nd, 2015 | by Kimberly Myers


Meyer Snow Plow Maintenance

Pre-Season Maintenance

Before your snow plowing season begins, it is always important to be sure that your snow plow is in top working order! But also, don’t forget that the snow plow is attached to your vehicle, so you need to keep that in good shape too!

Before you start working, check your windshield wipers, heaters and lights to be sure they are all in working condition. Don’t forget to check your tires, is the tread good? If not, get new tires! Also check to be sure that your chains (if you use them) are ready to go!

Here are some tips for getting your snow plow ready for the season!

*Remember: Always make sure the moldboard is lowered to the ground when the snow plow Is being serviced of when the vehicle is not in use

  • Always check the hydraulic fluid reservoir and be sure to keep it full. Make sure that you only check the hydraulic fluid level when the lift ram is down or in the retracted position.
  • Check the hydraulic system for leaks. If you notice that there has been a large and noticeable drop in the hydraulic fluid level, check for a leak!
  • Pre and Post season you should grease all of the pins and lubricate all of the pivot points with chassis lube.
  • The cutting edge is bound to get worn down. A standard cutting edge is 5” tall when it is new. When it gets to 3 ½” replace it with a new one.
  • Properly adjust the spring tension. To do this tighten the top locknut 4 turns beyond the point when you notice the spring coils begin to separate. Next tighten the bottom locknut to hold the eye bolt in position.
  • After your first plowing session check and retighten all of the mounting bolts. Also be sure to continue this practice at regular intervals throughout the plowing season.
  • At the beginning and end of each plowing season make sure you check both the black and yellow powder coating for any signs of rust. If there is any rust or damage, be sure to use Sno-Flo ® powder coat touch up that is available in spray cans.
  • The chromed lift rod is prone to rust if the power unit is not used for extended periods of time. To help prevent rust, fully extend the chrome lift rod and coat it with chassis lubricant.

Post-Season Maintenance

After the plowing season is over, there are a  few steps you should take to get you prepared for next season ahead of time!

  • Drain and replace the hydraulic fluid.

To do this:

  • Un-bolt the hydraulic unit from the lift frame and remove the reservoir breather
  • Next, turn the unit upside down to drain the fluid from the reservoir
  • If you have power angling cylinders equipped, disconnect the fittings and completely retract the cylinder rods and purge they cylinder and hose of all fluid.

Next you need to flush the system with Meyer M-2 Flushing fluid

To do This:

  • Re install the hydraulic unit to the lift frame and the hose to the angle cylinder (if equipped)
  • Add 1 quart of M-2 Flushing Fluid to the reservoir and replace the Reservoir Breather
  • Cycle the unit up, down, left and right 5 times each way
  • Drain the fluid the same way as before and refill with Meyer M-1 Hydraulic Fluid

Snow Plow Storage

It is important to properly store your snow plow when it is not in use

To properly store your snow plow:

  • When the plow is disconnected, disconnect the lift chain from the lift arm and extend the lift cylinder to the end of the stroke and coat the chrome rod with a light layer of grease, this will help prevent rust
  • When the moldboard is disconnected, cover the parts of the power angling cylinder chrome rod (if equipped) with a light layer of grease
  • Coat the pivot pin and any other wear points with chassis lubricant, also be sure to grease all of the grease holes
  • Unplug all electrical connection and coat the connection with dielectric compound to prevent corrosion and plug them into their corresponding weather plug.

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