Lawn Mowers Spindles vs. Rocks

Published on February 20th, 2015 | by Turner Anderson


Mower Deck Spindles vs. Rocks

Everyone knows that rocks will damage mower blades.

But the path of destruction may not always stop there.

Your spindles can take a beating from a rock being thrown around under the mower deck too.

Spindle Explosion

Rocks can rip apart spindles
Broken spindle assembly from hitting a rock.

Believe it or not, hitting a rock can put enough stress on the spindles to completely rip them apart.

The blades crash into the rock at high speeds and can tear the spindle assembly off the deck. The rocks can also dent your mower deck, causing inefficient air flow and grass lift under the deck while you mow.

How to Protect Your Mower Deck & Spindles

Mower Deck Damage
Beat up mower deck from improper use and rock damage.

  • Remove and dig up rocks, and clean up debris before you mow.
  • Keep your eyes focused on the lawn In front of you to catch any hidden rocks in the grass.
  • Raise the mower deck if you see a rock ahead. Then you can go back and trim around the rocks with your trimmer.
  • Don’t mow at the lowest cutting height.
  • Trim around rocks first with a string trimmer, so those areas stand out as a warning sign where not to mow.

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