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Pole Saw Maintenance Routines

From Husqvarna

To optimize the life and reliability of your pole saw, it’s important to service it regularly. Here are a few points that will help you bring order to your machine maintenance.

Below are Daily Routines, Weekly Routines and Monthly Routines:

Daily Routines:

  • Clean the outside of the machine.
  • Make sure the throttle trigger lock and the throttle function correctly.
  • Check that the stop switch functions.
  • Check that the cutting equipment does not rotate while idling.
  • Clean the air filter. Replace if necessary.
  • Check that all nuts and screws are tightened.
  • Check that there are no fuel leaks.
  • Clean the area under the protective cover.

Weekly Routines:

  • Check the starter, the starter cord and the return spring.
  • Make sure that the vibration-damping elements are not damaged.
  • Clean the outside of the spark plug. Remove and check the electrode gap. Adjust the gap to 0.5 mm (0.020") or change the spark plug.
  • Clean the cooling fins on the flywheel.
  • Clean or replace the muffler’s spark arrest screen (not on mufflers with a catalytic converter).
  • Clean the carburetor area.
  • Clean the cooling fins on the cylinder and check that the air intake in the starter unit is not blocked.
  • File off any burrs on the sides of the bar.

Monthly Routines:

  • Clean the fuel tank.
  • Clean the carburetor and the area surrounding it.
  • Clean the fan wheel and the area around it.
  • Check the fuel filter and the fuel pipe, replace if necessary.
  • Check all cables and connections.
  • Check the clutch, clutch springs and the clutch drum with regard to wear. Replace if necessary.
  • Change the spark plug.
  • Check and clean the muffler’s spark arrest screen if necessary (only mufflers with a catalytic converter).


Proper maintenance routines will keep your pole saw in top working condition, prevent damage and save you in the long run. Keeping up with these simple steps will keep your pole saw ready for anytime you may need it.

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