Snow Blowers Replacing a Shear Pin on Husqvarna Snow Blower

Published on February 3rd, 2015 | by Turner Anderson


Replacing the Shear Pin on a Husqvarna Two Stage Snow Blower

Watch our video on how to replace a broken shear pin on a Husqvarna two stage snow blower.

Shear Pins are built to break when the auger shaft is over-torqued, so the gear case won’t be damaged if something gets stuck in the augers.

Step 1:

Remove the ignition key

Step 2:

Tilt the snowblower back so it rests on its handles

Step 3:

Usually shear pins fall off when they break, if the pin is still attached, remove it, if it is wedged in there, you may need a hammer and punch to remove it

Step 4:

Align the hole in the auger shaft with the hole in the gear case shaft

Step 5:

Insert the shear pin  through the holes and re-install the nut


Jack’s Safety Tips: *Before servicing your snow blower make sure the snow blower is turned off and remove the ignition key to reduce the risk of accidental start-up. View our Disclaimer.

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One Response to Replacing the Shear Pin on a Husqvarna Two Stage Snow Blower

  1. Bob Lundgren says:

    I ran into a problem reinstalling the two shear pins in the impeller in my 2016 Husqvarna ST 324P. Once I discovered the pins were sheared I couldn’t find at what point the impeller should be moved to line with the holes because between the shaft and the impeller is a plastic bushing with a collar on it. When the pins sheared, the bushing slipped out of alignment with the holes in the impeller. Once I discovered the bushing was not attached to either the impeller or the shaft, I was (barely) able to grab the collar on the bushing with vice grips and held it while I rotated the impeller. Finally they aligned (almost) and I was able to get the pins ALMOST all the way through but they were getting hung up on one edge of the bushing holes. By putting a metal rod down through the chute placing it one at a time on top of the shear pin nut I was able to tap it through so I could then put the nut on it. It was an exercise in frustration! Husqvarna needs to fix this somehow.

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