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Smart Lawn Care Tips – Summer

Barbeques, swimming pools, and temperatures so hot you can barely breathe. It’s Summertime!

You worked hard all spring to get your lawn perfectly manicured and now you are the talk of the neighborhood. Don’t let your hard work fall to the wayside by slacking off in the summer heat.

Summer lawn care is minimal compared to the spring, but still very important. To keep your lawn healthy, drought-resistant, and disease free, you still need to keep up certain regular maintenance routines throughout the summer season.

When to Water

Your lawn should receive approximately one inch of water per week, including precipitation. The best time to water your grass is early in the morning before temperatures rise and before the sun reaches its highest point.

Watering in the summer months should be handled with extreme caution. While not watering your lawn enough can cause it to go dormant during those dry summer days, watering it too much can cause damage as well. Track your lawns water intake by using a store-bought or home-made water gauge.

Don’t Mow too Low

Summer Mowing
Taller blades provide shade for soil.

During the summer, grass should not be cut below 3 inches and never more than 1/3 of the blade length at time. Taller blades provide shade for the soil allowing it to soak in and retain moisture.

To Bag or Not to Bag?

While following the 1/3 Cutting Rule it is okay to leave your grass clippings on your lawn, this allows them to add nutrients back in your soil.If you are cutting more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time you should consider bagging. Longer grass clippings can contribute to thatch giving you more work in the future.

Fertilizer Can Burn Grass in the Summer

Cool season grasses should not be fertilized over the dry-heat of the summer. If you must fertilize in the summer an organic fertilizer is recommended. These fertilizers work slowly and have less of a risk of burning your lawn. Chemical fertilizers can burn lawns in the hot summer heat leaving them dried out and dormant until fall.

Summer Care Prepares your Lawn for Fall

Summer lawn care is minimal, but important. Without the proper amount of mowing and water in the summer you could find yourself with a big mess that won’t fully recover until Spring. Keeping up with lawn care in the summer will not only provide easier maintenance in the Fall and Spring, it will promote a healthier lawn all year long too.

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