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  1. Bob Morrow says:

    Mfg does not show safety switches locations and troubleshooting of switches on snapper mowers

    • Chris says:

      Unplug the switch and test switch with an ohm meter. If there is little resistance when the switch us engaged, then it is good. If not, then it’s bad.

  2. Tom says:

    How do you replace the rope pull if it brakes on a snapper walking mower

  3. Lou Baska says:

    how do you change the drive wheels??

    • Chris says:

      Purchase replacement wheels. Remove the axle bolt on each wheel and install bolt 9n new wheel. Be sure to replace any washers that were on the old wheel in the same places on the new wheels.

    • Roy says:

      I got a snapper rear engine mower won’t move in forward gear but move in reverse.

  4. archer617 says:

    Mower will run with wire on the coil off but not with it on key switch won’t cut it off with the wire disconnected what’s the problem ? Thanks. Archer

  5. archer617 says:

    What does the coil wire control mine will only run with it off but the key will not cut it off now thanks

  6. chris says:

    I put on a new factory drive belt and it needs to be tensioned. I have Snapper model 281022BE and can’t figure how to tighten belt which has almost two inches of play after engaging drive.

    • clarence thibodeaux says:

      Tighten belt according to owners manual. Mine was hard to pull back on the bar so I used a car jack, scissor-type and a block of 2×4. Remember to measure distance of belt from pulley as recommended in manual.

  7. JIM says:

    SNAPPER riding rear motor mower, starts and runs great until you release the clutch/brake petal
    engine then dies. Transmission can be in any gear including neutral. Seems to be electrical.
    Tested clutch switch both relays.

    • Terrance says:

      I have the same problem I end up un plugging the sensor under the mower by the brake towards the rear and jumping out the green and white wires at the plug and it runs great. I hope this help. I replaces the plug and that did not fix it but at lease it will work for now

      • Numa says:

        I have removed ALL the wiring that goes to ALL the safety switches and module, that takes care of all the BS wasted time, dollars, downtime IF you are going to be the ONLY user and can remember how to safely use a mower without all the IDIOT switches. Easiest way to do it is disconnect at each extreme end connection, mark EACH end terminal where it is connected, when you have ALL the wiring harness out then you can pull the harness from the outer covers, when you get the harness to this point it is pretty easy to figure out WHAT part of the harness to separate that goes to all the safety switches. NO cutting/splicing needed.Reinstall

    • Tim Boesel says:

      Where is it located on a older rear engine rider , 10. Hp


    • My mower spits & sputters, backfires & quits running. Starts right up again, engage forward drive & or mower blades than mower spits, sputters, backfires & dies. Push in clutch & may rev back up.

  8. George says:

    I have a Snapper with a Briggs and Stratton engine. Until recently I have had no problems with it. However, after it sitting for a couple months i tried starting it and the rope jerked about half way through the pull. It caught my left hand and left quite a bruise. Any idea what might have caused that to happen? I thought maybe it had something to do with the choke. So far I haven’t been able to get it started. Every couple of pulls and it jerks back. Thanks.

    • craig kammmerer says:

      i would say the carbureter has let fuel get into engine and has locked up engine. disconnect battery and remove spark plug andthen rotate engine. make sure that spark boot is not in direcdirectly in front as if it is then if any fuel is in engine might catch fire as it sparks. i always tuck it out of way. if you did get fuel drain into engine remember oil will need to be drained and replaced with fresh after carburetor float problem is fixed.

    • Miles Shove says:

      it might have a decompressor on the camshaft that holds the exhaust valve open slightly to make it easier to start , however if it is not working properly it may not be doing it intended function and causing the engine to kick back. it also could be excess carbon build up in the combustion chamber causing the same scenario. these are a couple of the worst case problems .

  9. Ricky Kilgore says:

    My snapper will only crank with gas in the off position and then it pops and smokes some. What can this be? Thanks

  10. Lewis nance says:

    I have a snapper zero turn 18hp kholer engine will not pull gas from tank I change fuel pump and fuel filter lines are not clogged what can be the problem

    • Miles Shove says:

      are the fuel lines and pulse hose connected in the correct places also is the vent in the gas cap open try to leave the gas cap loose and try to start the unit

  11. ronald rosales says:

    snapper a35, 78 99602 in order to start I must use starting fluid 1 to 3 times, will fire but have to work the throttle up and down to keep running up engine get warm then able to use,???????

    • Miles Shove says:

      does tis have a primer bulb , has it sat for a while especially with this crap ethanol fuel you might need to rebuild the carb as the ethanol is not good for the rubber parts in the carb

  12. Paul says:

    I installed the light kit on the new model rear engine rider. It only comes on when I step on & goesa off when I let off the pedal. Can someone explain why the light does this and is there a way to fix this?

    • Miles Shove says:

      sound like you hooked the power feed to the wrong wire . it should be on either a battery hot or an accessory hot terminal . this can be tested with a 12 volt test light . by hooking the alligator clip to the battery ground terminal and the either looking for a power source . my recommendation is to find a switched power source, this will prevent the lights from being turned on when the mower is not in use and killing the battery. hope this helps

  13. How to Repair the self propelled cable wire to make the front wheels? My walk behind mower
    will go into self propel gear please tell how to fix this ?

  14. Dominic Sanders says:

    I can start my mower and drive it just fine but when I engage the blade to cut the grass it shut off on me

    • Brandon says:

      Make sure your belt is routed properly and that there aren’t any obstructions to the blades. Damaged pulleys could also cause this. If not any of this, it could be some kind of safety system malfunctioning.

    • Joe says:

      I have zero turn rear. it starts w/choke but doesn’t stay on iit stays on only if I leave choke1/2 way. I can only move throttle a bit meanwhile something under carb in rear something is going crazy. it eventually shuts off. it cuts at a very low rev but not for long.

  15. Gilberto says:

    Thank you my name is Gilberto I repair landscaping equipment for the neighborhood in San Jacinto Ca .My friends snapper did turn on Now it won’t turn on. Thank you have a nice evening.

  16. Bob McGonagle says:

    Does anyone know where to get a repair manual for a Snapper rear engine mower model 7800918-00? I have the users and parts manual but I want to repair the steering but can’t find a repair manual anywhere.

  17. Gregory English says:

    I have a snapper LT 125 and when I go to turn the key to start it it wants to hum and not turn over. Kind of like a bendex does on a vehicle starter. Any ideas would be most appreciated. Thank you Greg

    • Miles Shove says:

      this could be due to a weak battery , loose or dirty battery terminals , try to find the starter relay there should be 2 larger battery cables . try to jump across them with an old screw driver or a remote start switch. providing the battery is in good condition it should turn over . but first check the battery and connections . if the starter still does not turn over check to see if the Bendix is free and not jammed to the flywheel .

  18. Robert Jones says:

    I looking for a repair manual for my snapper lawn mower engine model 281707 type 0171-01 12 hp

    • Miles Shove says:

      usually Briggs and Stratton are general with a range of horse power or a particular style . if you are looking for more specific items such as the snapper mower you would need the unit model number hope this helps

  19. Larry Reed says:

    I have a snapper zero turn 26hp 52in deck 285z. the mower will start up and run a little and then start cutting out and stop will start back up but continues to do the same thing.need help with this

    • Miles Shove says:

      first thing I would look for I water in your fuel the next thing would be a fuel filter and remove it then try to blow through it in the direction of flow if it is restricted then replace it also look at the air filter and replace it if it is dirty.

  20. ron lawson says:

    how much do you torque the bolts on the rear wheels of a snapper rider?

  21. Jim says:

    Snapper rear engine riding mower blades won’t engage. Help please

    • Miles Shove says:

      is the belt broken or did it jump off , missing , next is it an electric clutch or is there a spring that holds the manual idler pulley engaged these are the simple easy things to look for

  22. Ben says:

    I can start my Snapper Zero Turn mower but once I take it out of park it shuts down. When I pull the handles in is when it shuts down.

  23. Jack Herrington says:

    I have snapper 28 inch cut rider rear engine, when the engine starts up and I let out the clutch or the brake release the starts to shut down and will shut off unless push clutch back down. Can you help me

  24. Dante Black says:

    Snapper sr1028 rider just put a new motor on it moved fine now it doesnt want to go forward like something isnt gripping and the rubber clutch is fine no chinks or nicks in it. what do you think i need to do?

    • Miles Shove says:

      if this mower has a rubber wheel drive check to see if the spring that causes the disk to engage is not broken or came off .

  25. lonnie jones says:

    how to install a new drive belt on a snapper nxt mos2690847

  26. Doug says:

    I have gas mixing in with the oil I’m assuming it’s a float problem what should I do

    • C says:

      I had the same problem and assumption, so I bought a float. But I first installed an inline gas turn off valve ($5) and 2 small hose clamps. I used the mower and put it back in the garage. Next day I was looking at the mower and the gas tank was collapsed and was very easy to pull out of the back of the seat location. Incredible because I thought it was a bad float. Rather than the float, my gas tank was collapsing and pushing the gas past the carb into the oil.
      Now I have to find a new gas tank. It should not collapse. Best, C

  27. I Can Fix It? says:

    I have a Snapper rear engine 30″ mower. The steering has become difficult to move right or left. I can turn the wheels but have to place a lot of force on the steering wheel. What should I look for when I remove the steering column cover?

    • Miles Shove says:

      look for grease fittings or soft tires lift the wheels off the ground and support the mower see how it steers like this . try the simple things first before you tear it all apart a little lube goes a long way.

    • Dave says:

      I purchased a new Snapper RE110 on May 9, 2017 and the first 2 times I used it the steering was very difficult to turn. I raised up the front end and lubricated every associated part, and now it’s like I have power steering.

  28. David Barrett says:

    My Snapper 1028 riding mower will not go into reverse. Anyone know a fix?

  29. Miles Shove says:

    I have an old snapper lt16001 it will turn over if I jump the starter relay however before I order one , have a question about the module that is in the system . It appears that this creates a ground for certain items . I purchased a starter relay locally but it only had 1 spade terminal , this prevents the other wires that go to the other terminal from being connected . this tends to make me question the module but I also wonder if the single terminal relay could still be the problem . can you tell me what the module does and if it could be my problem . being it is expensive and probably not returnable , I don’t want to buy something that will not solve my problem .

    Thank You,

  30. Lyman Parker says:

    I bought a used Snapper SR 825. There is no model number on the mower. I talked to a dealer and was told that he was unable to help me.

    I called Snapper and was told that they was unable to help me.

    Any suggestions?

  31. jerry says:

    I have a 21″ self propelled (front wheel) lawn mower. The wheels stopped turning. I can’t get the plastic cover off that protects the mechanism. Could you give me any info? Thanks.

  32. Karen says:

    How do I get in the steering column to see why it quit turning, seems like something came loose?

  33. Mike Sell says:

    I am trying to change out the Steer gear plate on a snapper rear engine 7800932-00 and have taken out the 8 bolts holding the front end to the frame but it still will not drop allowing me access to the steering gear plate, what else do I need to do to allow the front end to drop?

  34. Lloyd says:

    How is the best way to disassemble a Snapper LT160H42FBV2 mower deck Spindle?

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