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Published on October 1st, 2015 | by Jacks


Tune Up Your Generator For Storm Season

The time of year when thunder echos, lighting cracks across the sky, high winds crash and heavy rain pours down. Storm Season is here!

Is your generator prepared for the upcoming storms and hurricanes? A few minutes of preparation can save you from feeling helpless and out of control when the storms actually hit.

Preparing for Storm Season

Is Your Generator Storm-Ready?

Has your portable generator been sitting in storage collecting dust? If so, it’s time to pull off that cover, dig out your generator and give it a tune-up before the first big storm hits. Performing some preventative maintenance on your generator before the storm season can save you time, frustration, and panic while getting your power back on.

  • Take your generator outside, away from open windows or doors, to perform a full inspection and tune up.
  • Inspect your generator for corroded or damaged parts, loose or frayed wires and anything that looks out of the ordinary.
  • Change oil at the beginning of every storm season following the guidelines in your owner’s manual. Check the oil levels before and after every use, change if necessary.
  • Fill the gas tank with fresh fuel and add a fuel stabilizer to battle the effects of ethanol. Refresh with new gas every 30 days.
  • Inspect the air filter for dirt, damage or wear and replace if necessary.
  • Check the spark plug and clean or replace if dirty or damaged.
  • Inspect all bolts, tighten or replace if needed. Vibrations can cause bolts to loosen or fall off from wear and tear.

Stock-Up On Supplies

Test your generator
Stocking up on certain supplies can help you be prepared for extended power outages.

During the storm you may need to replace certain items to keep your generator running properly. It’s best to stock up on these items at the beginning of the season so they are easily accessible during the storm. These items include: extra oil, filters, bolts, fuel, gas cans, extension cords, plugs and cover so you are prepared to run your generator for extended periods of time.

Test Your Generator

Test your generator
Test your generator to ensure it is working properly.

The storm hits, you run to your trusty generator and flip the switch on. Your worst nightmare comes true: Nothing happens.

Finding out your generator doesn’t work during a power outage is not something you want to experience. Test your generator by plugging in a few smaller appliances such as a hair dryer, toaster, cell phone charger or etc. and run for 10-15 minutes.

Don’t Let Your Maintenance Stop There

Performing tune-ups on your generator at the beginning of every season and after every use will help keep your generator ready alive during storm season. Also, testing your generator every month gives you the confidence that your generator will be reliable throughout the storm season.

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  1. michael pellegrino says:

    I have a generac 7550 exl portable generator.There is no dipstick on this model. I want to change the oil and not the oil filter. After draining the oil – How much oil do I need to add to refill the generator?

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