Trimmers Types of Blades for a Honda Trimmer/Brush Cutter Combo

Published on May 27th, 2015 | by Kimberly Myers


Types of Blades for a Honda Trimmer/Brush Cutter Combo

When buying your trimmer you may have noticed all of the different blades available, just in case you don’t know what each one does or which one is best for you, here is some information to help you out!

Grass/Weed Blades:

  • May be made of plastic or metal
  • Used as an alternative to nylon monofilament line that is usually used for cutting grass and ordinary weeds
  • However, as opposed to the monofilament line, these blades should never be used for edging or against solid surfaces

Weed/Brush Blades:

  • Metal blades
  • Have chisel-shaped teeth that are good for cutting through:
    • Field Grass
    • Thick Weeds
    • Light Brush
  • They are not designed to saw through woody material
  • The teeth of these blades must be sharpened for good results

Brush/Wood Blades:

  • Metal Blades
  • Have Saw-like Teeth that are good for sawing through:
    • Saplings
    • Shrubs
    • Woody Brush
  • Must be sharp for effective results

Blade Covers:

  • Use blade covers to protect yourself from potential injury while installing or removing a blade and to protect the blade from being damaged during storage.

Always use caution when handling blades, and be sure to consult your owner’s manual to see how to properly install and remove blades!


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