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Exmark Model Number Locator

If you need to locate your Exmark model number and serial number, we can help! Find your Exmark equipment below to see model and serial number locations.

Exmark Model and Serial Number Locations

Exmark Zero Turn

Exmark Model Locator

The model and serial number plate on an Exmark zero turn is located under the lever on the right hand side, as shown in the image.

Other places that the model and serial number plate could be located on an Exmark zero turn can be on the right side under the fuel tank, behind the operator seat, or on the right side of the operator console.

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Exmark Commercial Walk-Behind Mowers

Model & Serial Number Location

Exmark walk behind mowers have a model and serial number sticker in a few different locations:

1.) Next to the fuel tank, on the top left hand side of the fuel tank support
2.) On top right hand side of the engine frame
3.) At the rear of the deck, behind the engine

The deck on a walk-behind mower would have a separate serial and model number sticker that would be located on the support pin gusset, on the right hand side of the deck.

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