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632351 Carburetor

Tecumseh 632351 Carburetor

Part#:  632351
  5.00 Stars - 3 Reviews

Tecumseh OEM Part




Fits Model


Also Fits Model

TECUMSEH HM70-132000B HM70-132000C HM70-132017B HM70-132018B HM70-132018C HM70-132018D HM80-155000F HM80-155000G HM80-155000H HM80-155000J HM80-155043F HM80-155043J HM80-155043L HM80-155048F HM80-155048G HM80-155048H HM80-155048J HM80-155048K HM80-155048L HM80-155056F HM80-155060F HM80-155063F HM80-155063G HM80-155105F HM80-155105G HM80-155105H HM80-155105J HM80-155122F HM80-155147F HM80-155147G HM80-155147H HM80-155147J HM80-155147K HM80-155147L HM80-155150F HM80-155152F HM80-155153F HM80-155153G HM80-155153H HM80-155154F HM80-155162F HM80-155163F HM80-155163G HM80-155163H HM80-155163K HM80-155163L HM80-155165F HM80-155183F HM80-155185F HM80-155187F HM80-155190F HM80-155194F HM80-155210F HM80-155214F HM80-155215F HM80-155216F HM80-155219F HM80-155220F HM80-155221F HM80-155222F HM80-155222G HM80-155222H HM80-155223F HM80-155223G HM80-155223H HM80-155223J HM80-155223K HM80-155223L HM80-155223M HM80-155225F HM80-155225G HM80-155225H HM80-155225J HM80-155225K HM80-155225L HM80-155225M HM80-155226F HM80-155227F HM80-155228F HM80-155228G HM80-155234F HM80-155236F HM80-155236G HM80-155236H 4 Cycle Small Engine
TECUMSEH HM80-155236J HM80-155236K HM80-155236L HM80-155236M HM80-155236N HM80-155236P HM80-155236R HM80-155239F HM80-155239G HM80-155239H HM80-155240F HM80-155251F HM80-155251H HM80-155251K HM80-155251L HM80-155251M HM80-155251N HM80-155252F HM80-155253F HM80-155253G HM80-155256F HM80-155256G HM80-155258F HM80-155259F HM80-155260F HM80-155260G HM80-155261F HM80-155261G HM80-155262F HM80-155264F HM80-155264G HM80-155265F HM80-155265G HM80-155267F HM80-155267G HM80-155267H HM80-155268F HM80-155269F HM80-155270F HM80-155272F HM80-155272G HM80-155272H HM80-155272J HM80-155287G HM80-155287H HM80-155287J HM80-155288G HM80-155288H HM80-155288J HM80-155288K HM80-155288L HM80-155289G HM80-155289H HM80-155301G HM80-155302H HM80-155303H HM80-155303J HM80-155303K HM80-155303L HM80-155304H HM80-155304J HM80-155305H HM80-155305J HM80-155305K HM80-155305L HM80-155328J HM80-155329J HM80-155335J HM80-155335K HM80-155335L HM80-155342J HM80-155344K HM80-155344L HM80-155349K HM80-155350K HM80-155350L HM80-155351K HM80-155351L HM80-155352K HM80-155353K HM80-155353L HM80-155357K HM80-155357L HM80-155358K 4 Cycle Small Engine
TECUMSEH HM80-155358L HM80-155363K HM80-155363L HM80-155372K HM80-155374L HM80-155375L HM80-155375M HM80-155375N HM80-155375P HM80-155375R HM80-155376L HM80-155376M HM80-155376N HM80-155376P HM80-155379L HM80-155381L HM80-155381M HM80-155381N HM80-155381P HM80-155384L HM80-155404L HM80-155404M HM80-155405L HM80-155405M HM80-155406L HM80-155406M HM80-155406N HM80-155406P HM80-155406R HM80-155407L HM80-155407M HM80-155408L HM80-155408M HM80-155409L HM80-155409M HM80-155411L HM80-155415L HM80-155426L HM80-155426M HM80-155432L HM80-155432M HM80-155432N HM80-155432P HM80-155434L HM80-155435L HM80-155439L HM80-155439M HM80-155440L HM80-155440M HM80-155440N HM80-155441L HM80-155441M HM80-155441N HM80-155441P HM80-155441R HM80-155441S HM80-155446L HM80-155446M HM80-155451M HM80-155453M HM80-155453N HM80-155453P HM80-155455M HM80-155455N HM80-155456M HM80-155456N HM80-155458M HM80-155458N HM80-155458P HM80-155458R HM80-155459M HM80-155465M HM80-155465N HM80-155465P HM80-155465R HM80-155466M HM80-155466N HM80-155466P HM80-155467M HM80-155467N HM80-155476M HM80-155476N HM80-155476P HM80-155477M 4 Cycle Small Engine
TECUMSEH HM80-155477N HM80-155477P HM80-155477R HM80-155481M HM80-155481N HM80-155481P HM80-155481R HM80-155482M HM80-155482N HM80-155482P HM80-155482R HM80-155483M HM80-155483N HM80-155483P HM80-155483R HM80-155484M HM80-155485M HM80-155485N HM80-155488M HM80-155488N HM80-155488P HM80-155489M HM80-155489N HM80-155491M HM80-155491N HM80-155491P HM80-155492M HM80-155493M HM80-155496M HM80-155496N HM80-155496P HM80-155500N HM80-155503M HM80-155503N HM80-155503P HM80-155503R HM80-155504N HM80-155504R HM80-155506N HM80-155508N HM80-155509M HM80-155509N HM80-155514N HM80-155516N HM80-155517N HM80-155519N HM80-155521N HM80-155521P HM80-155531N HM80-155532N HM80-155537P HM80-155537R HM80-155538N HM80-155541P HM80-155551P HM80-155552P HM80-155552R HM80-155557P HM80-155557R HM80-155557S HM80-155557T HM80-155560P HM80-155561P HM80-155561R HM80-155561S HM80-155564P HM80-155564R HM80-155565P HM80-155567P HM80-155575P HM80-155575R HM80-155575S HM80-155576P HM80-155577P HM80-155578P HM80-155578R HM80-155583R HM80-155587R HM80-155588R HM80-155589R HM80-155589S HM80-155590R HM80-155590S HM80-155591R 4 Cycle Small Engine
TECUMSEH HM80-155591S HM80-155592R HM80-155592S HM80-155593R HM80-155593S HM80-155595R HM80-155597R HM80-155600R HM80-155601S HM80-155603R HM80-155605R HM80-155615R HM80-155616R HM80-155616T HM80-155619R HM80-155646S HM80-155646T HM80-155646U HM80-155691T HM80-155691U HM80-155694T HM80-155694U SBH-SBH-9995 TEC-632351 4 Cycle Small Engine

Replaces OEM



Equipment Type 4 Cycle Small Engine

Customer Reviews for the Carburetor

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Reviewed on

Satisfied with doing business with Jack's Small Engines. Thanks again James.

Reviewed on


Reviewed on

I had to guess if it was the correct part because of not having original part numbers but the pics showed it to be the same.

Questions & Answers for the Tecumseh 632351

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