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How to Get Your Snow Blower Ready for Winter

How to Get Your Snow Blower Ready For Winter Posted in Snowblowers

Is your snow blower ready?

First, go start up the snow blower today. Do not wait until you are snowed in to find out that something is wrong with your snow blower.

If your snow blower will not start, schedule service as soon as you can. Get your snow blower into the repair shop or if you're handy, get to work.

If you need an engine manual we have them.

Snow Blower Readiness Tips

Keep spare parts for your snow blower on hand. You can't get snow blower parts if you are snowed in.

Snow blower belts are one item that you should have on hand. Consider getting two sets of spares belts, it's better to be safe then sorry.

If your snow blower has shear pins get a handful, not just 1 or 2. Also, check the condition of the skid shoes and the scraper blade, if installed on your snow blower (these parts are made to be replaced).

Add to your check list, a spark plug, a couple quarts of winter oil (5w-30, check your Snow Blowers manual for the manufacturers recommendation), and some tire chains should get you through the blizzard.

If you need new tires, take a look at our Snow Blower Tires.

Check out our how-to guides for tune-up and oil change information.