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Trimmer Heads

The Trimmer Head on your string trimmer or brushcutter is the one part that takes the most beating over the course of the entire trimming season. From knocking against hard ground and churning through dense weeds, to whipping over rocks and around fence posts, the durability of your trimmer head is put to the test. A cracked or damaged trimmer head can cause excessive vibrations in the shaft of the trimmer, making it very uncomfortable to operate. When you need a replacement, consider the two most common designs of Trimmer Heads:

Bump Feed Trimmer Heads: Semi-automatically feeds line out of the trimmer head. Gently tap the head against the ground and the spring activated mechanism releases more line. You won’t have to stop and re-feed the each time.
Bump Feed Types: Bump Feed, Mini Bump Feed, Pro Bump Feed, Silver-Back 4", Silver-Back 6", Speed Feed, and Tap Advance.

Manual Feed Trimmer Heads: Requires you to manually re-feed the trimmer line when it gets too short.
Manual Feed Types: Heavy-Duty Twist Feed, Jet-Fit, Kwik-Loader, and Pivo Trim.

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