Tillers How to Remove and Replace the Tines on a Deluxe Mantis Tiller

Published on May 26th, 2015 | by Kimberly Myers


How to Remove and Replace the Tines on a Deluxe Mantis Tiller

If you need to remove your tines for maintenance, or put some new ones on, it’s a very easy job!

Here are all of the steps that will help you get your tines off and replaced in no time!

To Remove the Tines:

Step 1:

Tip the tiller forward until it is resting on the carrying/bumper handle

Step 2:

The outer tines are secured by a retaining pin, remove the pin

Step 3:

Carefully pull the outer tines off of the drive shaft

Step 4:

Next carefully pull off the inner tines


To Replace Tines: 

Step 1:

You will notice one side has a D shaped hole and the other has a circular hole, slide the tine onto the drive shaft circular hole side first

Step 2:

Rotate the tine until the d shape hole of the hub fits onto the axle

Step 3:

Repeat with additional tines

Step 4:

Secure with a retaining pin

Helpful Hints! :

  • For tilling: Tine points face forward, away from operator
  •  For cultivating: Tine points face backwards, toward the operator

Removing and replacing the tines is easy! You should be sure to always monitor your tiller’s tines for any wear or bends, if anything is detected, you should replace them to ensure proper functioning of your machine!

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