Chainsaws Replace Bar & Chain on RedMax Chainsaw

Published on February 20th, 2015 | by Turner Anderson


How to Replace the Bar & Chain on a RedMax Chainsaw

Watch our video on how to replace the bar and chain on a Redmax Chainsaw.

Using a dull chain increases the effort needed to make a clean cut. Plus, it also increases the risk of an injury. Check the condition of the bar and chain before and after every use to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your cut.

To Remove:

Step 1:

Remove the top cover and disconnect the spark plug wire

Step 2:

Deactivate the chain brake by pulling it backwards towards the handle in order to remove the clutch cover

Step 3:

Remove bar nuts on the clutch cover and remove the clutch cover

Step 4:

Remove the bar and the chain from the drive sprocket

To Re-install:

Step 1:

Install bar into drive sprocket

Step 2:

Loop the chain and the sprocket around the bar

Step 3:

Be sure the drive links seat properly in the bar groove

Step 4:

Re-install the clutch cover

Step 5:

Finger tighten the bolts

Step 6:

Tension the chain by lifting the bar and turning the tensioner clockwise until the the drive links do not come out of the bar groove but you are still able to turn the chain easily by hand

Step 7:

Completely tighten the nuts with a socket wrench and replace the top cover

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