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Published on August 26th, 2016 | by Brandon


How to Assemble the Handle and Chute on Your Cub Cadet Two Stage Snow Thrower

Set up your equipment properly to avoid future damage and frustrations. While assembling the chute on your equipment, keep in mind that the smoothest possible operation of your equipment is achieved when the cables are to the left of the chute directional control rod.

Assembling the Handle

  • Step 1: First, set the shift lever into the F6 (forward 6) position.
  • Step 2: Inspect the bottom side of the snow blower that’s nearest to the operator’s position. Ensure that the cables are properly aligned with the guides before assembling the handle.
  • Step 3: Pivot the handle into its upright position.
  • Step 4: Check that all cables are still properly seated.
  • Step 5: Tighten the plastic knobs that are on the left and right side of the handle to secure the handle in place.
  • Step 6: Removing any rubber bands or left over packaging materials.

Assembling the Chute

  • Step 1: Remove the hairpin clip, the wingnut, and the hex screw from the head of the chute control.
  • Step 2: Remove the clevis pin and the bow-tie cotter pin from the support bracket of the chute.
  • Step 3: Grab the chute control rod and place it as far into the head of the chute control as possible. Ensure that you keep the holes that are on the rod pointed upward.
  • Step 4: Set the chute onto the chute base. Make sure the control rod is under the handle panel. When everything is in place, install the hex bolt that you removed earlier. Wait to secure the wing nut.
  • Step 5: While squeezing the trigger on the joystick, face the chute forward by rotating it with your hand.
  • Step 6: Move the joystick so that it’s in the one o’clock position. Find the gear below the control panel. The silver arrow on it should be facing upwards.
  • Step 7: Place the control rod into the gear that’s below the joystick. Make sure the hole in the rod is aligned with the arrow on the gear. Use one hand to hold the panel while you insert the rod.
  • Step 8: Push the rod in until the hoole on the rod lines up with the hole on the control input that’s closest to the chute control head.
  • Step 9: Insert the hairpin clip that was previously removed.
  • Step 10: Secure the wing nut, clevis pin, and bow-tie cotter pin that you removed in step 1.
  • Step 11: Ensure that all cables are properly routed and seated.

For information about safety, warranty, and your specific model, read and be familiar with your owner’s manual.

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