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Published on August 26th, 2016 | by Brandon


How to Replace the Auger Belt on Your Cub Cadet Two Stage Snow Thrower

You may need to replace the auger belt on your snow thrower if the auger is not engaging properly. Follow the steps listed below to remove and replace the auger belt. Once the auger belt has been replaced, test the auger control as instructed.

Ensure that you take all the safety precautions laid out in your owner’s manual before servicing your equipment. Wait until all moving parts have stopped moving before working on your machine.

  • Step 1: Run your engine until it is completely out of fuel. Don’t pour fuel out of the engine.
  • Step 2: Take the plastic belt cover that’s on the front of the engine off. To do this, you’ll need to remove the two self-tapping screws that are securing it in place.
  • Step 3: Remove the bolts and washers that are holding the belt guide in place.
  • Step 4: Remove the belt guide.
  • Step 5: Take the auger belt off of the engine pulley.
  • Step 6: Position your equipment forward and up so that it rests on the auger housing.
  • Step 7: Take the frame cover off of the bottom of the snow thrower. You’ll need to remove the self-tapping screws to do this.
  • Step 8: Remove the shoulder bolt that serves as a belt keeper.
  • Step 9: Pull the belt off of the auger pulley. Slip it between the support bracket and auger pulley.
  • Step 10: Replace the auger belt by following the steps in reverse order.
  • Step 11: Test the auger control using the instructions laid out here.

For information about safety, warranty, and your specific model, read and be familiar with your owner’s manual.

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  1. edward pillar says:

    I must replace the drive belt and auger belt on my old Jacobsen imperial 826 snow blower. what is the p/n on each belt.

  2. josephine jordan says:

    I need to put the auger cable back on my snowlower.I know how to connect to handle,down to pully,across the machine to second pully,where does the end hook connect

  3. josephine jordan says:

    I need a picture to show me how to put the auger cable back on my snowblower model 317 611 D 118,It is a 1997 model

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