Trimmers Replace Husqvarna Trimmer Spark Plug

Published on February 20th, 2015 | by Turner Anderson


Replacing the Spark Plug on a Husqvarna String Trimmer

Watch our video about how to replace the spark plug on a Husqvarna String Trimmer.

Changing your dirty spark plug will increase efficiency and extend the life of your engine. This video shows you how to easily replace your dirty spark plug with a new one.

Recommended Tools: Spark Plug Wrench or Socket Wrench

Jack’s Safety Tips: Before servicing or repairing any power equipment, disconnect the spark plug and battery cables. Remember to wear appropriate safety glasses and gloves to protect against harmful chemicals and debris. View our Disclaimer.

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5 Responses to Replacing the Spark Plug on a Husqvarna String Trimmer

  1. Pat Rodriguez says:

    Your spark plug replacement instructions is not it seems to be for the latest Husqvarna 224L model It does not have a spark plug and cover visible anywhere on the out side on the engine..
    I just purchased the latest 224L on this June 2015. So where is the plug?
    Thanks for your time, Sincerely,Pat

  2. Chad L. says:

    I’ve had my 223L for over 5 years, greatest weed eater I’ve ever used/owned and I’ve done a lot of trimming. However, just today, the boot part of the plug wire came loose from the wire, is this fixable or do I need to buy a new ignition coil?

  3. Barbara says:

    I just bought a replacement ‘boot’ for the spark plug – it came with a wound wire thingy and I’m not seeing it in your vid – my ex husband had it sitting on protruding end of spark plug which now I know is incorrect placement – so where does it go then?

  4. JD Atherton says:

    Replaced sparkplug in 128ld trimmer and wont keep running.

    With new spark plug, runs fine with old one just time to replace, same sparkplug make and model. Gap is correct. What now.

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