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Published on April 27th, 2015 | by Kimberly Myers


How to Remove and Replace the Deck on a Toro TimeCutter Zero Turn

Some forms of maintenance on you zero turn, such as replacing the blades, will require you to remove the deck. Sound like a big job? Think again! It’s quick and easy and all outlined for you below! Just follow the steps and you’ll be done in no time!

What You Will Need:

  • Toro Time Cutter Zero Turn


Removing the Deck

Step 1:

Be sure to check the manual for safety and maintenance information for your mower

Step 2:

Park mower on a flat surface

Step 3:

Put on parking brakes

Step 4:

Disengage blade switch

Step 5:

Turn off engine and remove the key

Step 6:

Lower “height of cut” lever to its lowest position

Step 7:

Remove the cotter pin from the front support rod

Step 8:

Remove rod from the deck bracket

Step 9:

Carefully lower the front of the deck to the ground

Step 10:

Lift the mower deck and hanger brackets so they’re clear of the rear left rod

Step 11:

Lower the rear of the deck carefully to the ground

Step 12:

Slide deck towards the back of the machine to remove the mower belt from the engine pulley

Step 13:

Slide the deck out from underneath the machine


Reinstalling the Deck


To replace the mower deck:

Step 1:

Be sure the “height of cut” lever is still in the lowest position

Step 2:

Slide deck under the machine and push it towards the rear of the mower

Step 3:

Replace belt on the engine pulley

Step 4:

Move deck forward until it’s in position to lift the back end and re hang it on the rear support bracket

Step 5:

Attach front support rod to the mower deck with the clevis pin and secure it with the cotter pin.

Step 6:

Re-install the belt on to the engine pulley and double check to make sure that it securely routed around all of the pulleys and idlers before you operate the machine.


Quick and easy and now you are all done! You’ve removed and replaced your mower’s deck and I’m sure it was a lot less work than you thought!


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  1. Roy foster says:

    can you find me a manual for a 2004 Toro riding mower serial number 230004666
    cannot locate the model number

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