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Published on February 20th, 2015 | by Turner Anderson


How to Replace the Scraper Bar on a Snow Blower

The scraper bar is located on the bottom of the auger housing. Its purpose is to remove the last bit of snow from the surface you’re clearing.

If your scraper bar is cracked, broken, or worn, it’s time for a replacement.

Replacing the Scraper Bar

1) Remove Scraper Bar Bolts

Remove the bolts that attach the scraper bar to the auger housing.

Remove Scraper Bar Bolts
Remove Scraper Bar Bolts

2) Remove the Scraper Bar

Remove the damaged or worn scraper bar from the auger housing.

Remove Scraper Bar
Remove Scraper Bar

3) Install New Scraper Bar

Attach the new scraper bar and reinstall the bolts onto the auger housing. The scraper bar can be adjusted slightly (higher or lower) on the auger housing to contact more or less of the surface. Lowering the scraper bar will allow you to dig deeper into hard-packed snow.

Install Replacement Scraper Bar
Install Replacement Scraper Bar

Before you start the snow blower, make sure the augers are not in contact with the ground.

The scraper bar is a wear item. If you frequently use your snow blower, regularly check the scraper bar for damage and excessive wear.

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2 Responses to How to Replace the Scraper Bar on a Snow Blower

  1. P Kaltenborn says:

    Ref replacing scrapper bar on two stage snow thrower – Does the bar always go on the inside (top of the bottom edge) of the auger housing and with the bolt heads facing upward? If so, it seems that the auger housing edge gets the brunt of the wear (rather than the bar itself) and the ends of the mounting bolts are scraping the plowed surface.

    • As you see in the image in step number one, the black scraper bar actually hangs lower than the housing, the purpose of the scraper bar and skid shoes are to help keep your auger housing from contacting the ground. When you install your scraper bar it should not be flush with auger housing. Plus, the auger housing is slanted, so its’ not all as flat and even as it seems in the pictures!

      But yes, to answer the question, this is always the way the scraper bar goes, but don’t worry, the bolts or auger housing will not come into contact with the ground!

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