Snow Blowers Installing Tire Chains

Published on February 9th, 2015 | by Turner Anderson


Installing Tire Chains

This video shows you how to install tire chains on a snowblower. Tire chains add more traction to the wheels of your snow blower to help you drive over slick surfaces like ice and hard-packed snow.

Step #1: Practice before it snows. New chains sometimes need to be adjusted to the physical tire that you are using. To install snuggly, tire chains may need to have some excess chain cut off. You may need a couple of bungee cords to add some tension. It is best to know that, before you’re snowed in.

Step #2: Lay the tire chains out on the floor with the curled ends of the
cross chains facing up.

The flat surface of the cross chains should be against the tire sidewall when installed. Make sure that the side chains are straight and not twisted or crossed.

Notice that there are 2 different clips/hooks at one end of both side chains.

The fixed hook will be installed on the inside (tractor) side of the tire.

The long, movable clip will be on the outside side of the tire(away from tractor).

You should now have the chains laid out in the fashion that they would wrap around the tire.

Step #3: Now the chains should be ready to install. Either drive the unit over the chains to a point that you can work them around the tire or jack the wheel off the ground. Practice safety, use jack stands if desired and always turn the machine off before working on it.

Step #4: First, hook the inside chain to the first link of the other end of the same side chain that it’s on. Now hook the outer chain by passing the long shank thru the first link(AS SHOWN ABOVE) of the other end of the same side chain it’s on. Then fold it back on itself.

Hook the hook into the chain. If there is a lot of slack in the chains hook, then hook both sides to the next links on the side chain. Repeat the procedure for the other tire.

Step #5: If the chains are "very" loose check that the tire is inflated correctly. Please note that tire chains often fit loosely on the tire. This is ok.

You want the chain to stay on the tire while using the unit. If it is too loose you may need to install a bungee cord across the tire to help tension the chains. Double check each tire, then you should be done.

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